A TASTE OF OUR LAND, 1h24min, 2020
While trying to provide for his pregnant wife, YOHANI an old African man retrieves a gold nugget in a brutal Chinese run mine built on his land and runs away to sell it for $100. When he learns its real value, he becomes as obsessed with it as CHENG, the Chinese mine owner who will ...
KAZUNGU, 15min, 2019
After a white priest impregnates a young African girl in her village, she seeks to decide which society her imminent child belongs to. Festivals: Rwanda Film festivals 2019 Mashariki Film festival 2019 Luxor African film festival, 2018 Ngalabi film festival, 2019 Awards: Best short film at the Rwanda film festival 2019
AKARWA, 10min, 2017
A young girl is sentenced to death after a revelation that puts her village future in danger. Festivals: Luxor African film festival Egypt, 2018 Cinemas de Vues d’Afrique, Canada, 2018 Rwanda film festival, Rwanda, 2018 Mashariki African film festival, Rwanda, 2018 Durban international film festival, South Africa, 2018 Zanzibar International film festival, Tanzania, 20